Meet Our Team

Northeast Mobility Family

Northeast Mobility Family


Northeast Mobility Center Bill Eckert

 Bill Eckert

Bill has learned that being president of the company means you schedule things, deliver things, repair things, run to the store, post office and bank, empty delivery trucks, come in on your day off to clean carpets, the kitchen and bathroom.  When time permits, he enjoys helping people with their access issues.  As a Certified Aging in Place Specialist, he makes life a little easier with stairlifts, ramps, grab bars, outdoor elevators and other home modifications.

Northeast Mobility Center Debbie Eckert

Debbie Eckert

Debbie is the driving force behind the company and all that it represents.  She is the most altruistic person you’ll ever meet.  Taking care of her daughter Nicole, who was the inspiration behind the start of this business due to her many disabilities, Debbie was determined to help other families “get through it” as well.  She has her finger on the pulse of every aspect of the company and has given “customer service” a fresh and delightful meaning.


Kayleigh Orloski

Kayleigh is our front end do-it-all worker. She specifically handles rentals, ABDL supplies, and answers all your showroom questions with a smile on her face (behind the face mask).


Dan Carey

Northeast Mobility Center Huguette


Huguette has been with us since September 2001 and serves as our accounts payable person/ mailer/  biller/ dog feeder / wood stove loader / etc.   She works at our “home’ office and graciously takes on more tasks than asked.  As a former Canadian, she has a hard time pronouncing “th’s” but she gives Nort East Mobility a good name.

Northeast Mobility Center Laurie Kimble

Laurie Kimble

Laurie started with us in February 2013 as one of our client support representatives.   She manages the task of keeping Al and Bill organized.  She is often the first point of contact with customers calling in to voice their wish list and helps steer them in the right direction, check on insurance coverage and schedules appointments.  Nothing short of a nuclear war seems to rattle her!

Northeast Mobility Center Sharon Hempstead

Sharon Hempstead

Sharon came to us in early 2014.  She is blessed with patience and persistence.  She has to be, since she is the billing specialist here and is responsible for “pulling teeth” from the insurance companies or “show me the money” !!!  If not for her, our suppliers would be yelling the same thing at us.

Northeast Mobility Center Chic Case

Chic Case

Chic keeps the warehouse / shop flowing smoothly. More seems to come in than go out and somehow he finds room to store it.  His repair skills go well beyond “lefty-loosey, righty-tighty”. Chic started with us in October 2015.