JOBST Bella Strong


JOBST Bella  Strong provides patients with the latest development in fi ber science. The skin-friendly multifi ber nylon combines the clinically effective management of lymphedema with a natural feeling. All day long, day after day. JOBST Bella Strong features excellent wicking properties with a cotton-like feel. JOBST advanced comfort helps to regulate relative humidity, feeling cooler in warm conditions and warmer in cool conditions.



JOBST Bella Strong – Armsleeve

  • Comfort Flat wristband reduces rolling and improves durability
  • Improved elastic silicone band * with a true 2” footprint
  • Provides secure hold up
  • Helps prevent curling edges
  • Helps prevent constrictions
  • Color matched to gauntlet * Available with knitted top band.

JOBST Bella Strong – Gauntlet

  • Significantly flattened seams avoid thumb web
  • Extended wrist avoids pinching at the wrist
  • Comfort Flat wrist seam reduces rolling