Rifton Supine Stander

The Rifton Supine Stander enables vertical standing for adults and children with physical disabilities. Using a vertical stander can strengthen core muscles and improve weight-bearing, weight-shifting and trunk control. Additionally, they promote upright social interactions at the same eye-level as a client’s peers.¬†Use the slides below to learn more about Rifton standing frame features.



  • Casters for mobility; double-locking to prevent roll and swivel for fixed positioning
  • Arm rests fold down, or can be secured at varying angles. Activity tray attaches to arm rests.
  • Arm anchors attach securely to tray with a suction cup attachment. They provide options for stabilization of the patient’s forearms to give added stab
  • Top 14″ of the board flips down for a patient who demonstrates head control.Rifton Supine Stander